Marine preserves must cross our borders and be discovered in other markets as an undeniable source of health, since seafood is essential inhealthy and balanced diets containing valuable proteins, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B12, A and D), and Omega-3 fatty acids benefitting the cardiovascular system, as well as calcium, iron, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium.

In the case of blue fish, in addition to the beneficial action of their Omega-3 fatty acids, we must mention the added benefit of the oleic acid from the oil which is used in its coverage.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential (the human body cannot manufacture them from other substances), which is found in high proportion in oily fish, such as tuna. It also has beneficial effects on the brain, as high amounts may decrease the effects of depression and even increased performance in school children who consume Omega-3 regularly.

Lomos de atún

The high iron content in canned shellfish will help avoid iron deficiency and/or anemia, making this a preferred food for people who practice intense sports.

Pregnant women and nursing babies can benefit from the effects of mussels, since they have a high amount of vitamin B12. The consumption of said food can also help people with stomach problems, due to its high amount of this vitamin.

It is especially recommended for children, due to its high protein and phosphorus content, which contributes to normal growth and development. The amount of iron in Galician mussels contributes to normal cognitive development in children. 

As a source of zinc, Galician mussel consumption also contributes to normal fertility and reproduction, and as it contains significant amounts of vitamin B9, it helps with the growth of maternal tissue during pregnancy. 

The iron and vitamins contained in the mussel from Galicia will help reduce tiredness and fatigue; and the quantities of vitamin B12 which characterize it protect cells against oxidative damage. 
Marisco Gallego
Anchovies are a rich nutritional alternative. Due to their high protein content, it is especially indicated for muscular development. As they have a high amount of calcium, they are good for bones and highly recommended during pregnancy.

The high content of zinc of anchovies in oil helps our body store and assimilate insulin. The zinc contained in this food contributes to sexual maturity and helps in the process of growth, as well as benefitting the immune system, healing wounds, and metabolizing proteins. Being rich in zinc, this food also helps to combat fatigue and is involved in the transport of vitamin A to the retina.

Its high amount of vitamin D makes consumption recommended to strengthen the skin and bones. In addition, the consumption of foods with vitamin D helps strengthen the immune system and helps prevent certain types of cancer.

There are many advantages to canned fish and seafood consumption: comfort, safety, hygiene, nutrition and flavor. In addition, in the kitchen, preserved fish and seafood allow numerous dining options: fillings, salads, side dishes to pasta and rice, and alone as a starter or snack.

Below are the nutritional values per 100 g of drained product:






Cockles natural

74 kcal

10.7 g

0.5 g

7.7 g

Mussels in brine

207 kcal

15.2 g

14.1 g

4.7 g

Razor Clams steamed

100 kcal

18 g

1.4 g

9.8 g

Hake and sea urchin roe

113 kcal

2.4 mg

0.18 g


Scallops in sauce of vieira

183 kcal

11 g

13 g

5.5 g

Octopus Galician style

194 Kcal

22.5 g

9 g

5.8 g

Tuna in olive oil

286 kcal

25.2 g

20.1 g

0 g

Sardines in olive oil

210 kcal

24.3 g

13 g

0 g