RIBAMAR has always maintained achieving high quality and food safety as top priority to meet the high demand of its customers, doing so while still protecting the sustainability of fishing and respecting the environment, demanding respect for old fishing customs, thus contributing to the maintenance and proper functioning of reproduction of the fish and shellfish, and not accepting the fish and shellfish that do not respect European Union sizing regulations.

All of our products are audited and certified by Galicia Calidade.

The denomination of protected origin (D.O.P.) Mussel from GALICIA certifies the chain of custody of the mussels used in our products, ensuring that this seafood comes from exclusively certified basins of the Galician Rias.


Our products are also registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), fulfilling all the requirements of food safety, both in processes and products, used almost exclusively as a worldwide reference for export to most countries of the world.